Friday, December 3, 2010


That's one thing I miss this year. I still listen to it of course, and attend concerts, and find new bands, but a decent-sized chunk of my listening time is taken up by audiobooks. I'll be looking forward to next year when I can read and listen to music without a care.

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  1. It's early December and Ryan is at 90. Ten books in a month may seem daunting to most of us but for Ryan...he's got it made in the shade. I'm writing this on Dec 15 and Ryan is at 94. I'm a librarian, and Ry's mom, and I must say this self made challenge had me concerned. I have been so afraid that at the end of the year Ry would not want to read another book for a long time! He assured me that would not happen but I was still worried. I know what it's like to have to read a book; it's the ONLY time I ever count pages. I know this because I coordinated a book discussion group at a past job for over 10 years, when I have to read a book and especially if there is a deadline, I count pages.
    Well, Ryan was right to have assured me he would still want to read after his year of 100 books. In fact, I have already heard him say, next year I'm going to read....