Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 numbers

365 days
100 books
35,691 pages (average of 357 per book)
53 library books
34 audiobooks
6 books read on Kindle
53 fiction/47 nonfiction
21 by dead authors (according to scattered Wikipedia searches)
33 by authors who are not white males
2 graphic novels
5 books on the World Library's 100 Best Books of All Time list
0 Goosebumps, board books, or children's books

And just in case you thought I did nothing but read this year...

1 new job
3 rooms of self-installed eco bamboo floors (2.5 tons carried in box by box)
3 international trips
3 walls repaired from drywall cracks
52 episodes of Mad Men
0 comprehensive climate legislative victories
28 teeth straightened
3 concerts
1 very understanding and devoted wife

All in all, not so bad. I'll have more thoughts later once I recover a bit more from Ulysses!

Here's the list in reverse chronological order if you want to peruse. Let me know what you think...

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations! I am seriously impressed. My average timespan for reading a book is one to three months. So, yeah. Wow.

    It was ballsy to leave Ulysses for last. I mean, what if it had just proven too aggravating to actually get through? I managed to make it through Portrait of the Artist, but I hated pretty much the entire experience. And that book is about 350 pages shorter and a smaller trim size.

    If you're ever looking for any comic book/graphic novel suggestions, let me know. I'm familiar with the canon...