Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Nightmares and Dreamscapes

I picked up this audiobook quickly at the library and decided to try it after seeing that a bunch of celebrities narrated each one - including Whoopi Goldberg, Lisa Simpson (the voice), Rob Lowe, Kathy Bates, and Tim Curry. What it took me a little longer to realize was that the book is actually 826 pages long. But I'd say it was worth it.

The stories ranged from a moving, alive finger sticking out of a bathroom sink drain that torments a husband, long-dead rock and roll legends that inhabit a rural town in Oregon, a mafia boss getting buried in his Cadillac for revenge from the perspective of the burier, and a nocturnal vampire aviation enthusiast.

I don't usually go for horror - I've read King's The Stand, which isn't really horror, and loved it. This year I read Richard Matheson's I Am Legend, which I enjoyed as well. I don't like horror movies - those tend to scare me after the movie stops. While the stories in this collection are scary and creepy and freaky, they're also well-written, engaging, funny, and smart. He does what he does as good as you can really expect. He's even able to talk about larger issues. Color me impressed.

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