Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Cat's Cradle

I love me some Vonnegut. Need to read more of him. Especially after reading Catch-22, this was the perfect springboard. Still absurdist and funny, but not repetitive. The plot is meandering, but it works perfectly. He starts looking into one of the creators of the atomic bomb, and then ends up with the scientist's children in a banana republic where the end of the world happens and he gains a new religion that someone made up a few decades ago. It does make more sense in Vonnegut's telling, but it's not supposed to. Quotes like this make me want to read more of his books:

"When we got into Dr. Breed's inner office, I attempted to put my thoughts in order for a sensible interview. I found that my mental health had not improved. And, when I started to ask Dr. Breed questions about the day of the bomb, I found that the public-relations centers of my brain had been suffocated by booze and burning cat fur. Every question I asked implied that the creators of the atomic bomb had been criminal accessories to murder most foul."

The book does meander and doesn't have a whole lot of focus, but it's still a fun ride.

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