Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So how's it going?

Yeah, I went with a lolcats. Deal.

Well, this blog has become a bit more of a book review site than I had initially intended - my apologies for that to the two of you who are actually reading this. I really wanted to get more into the experience of reading than I have, but unfortunately, life has gotten in the way of giving me enough time to read at the pace I need to in order to get to 100 this year, while also attending to the things I need to (as well as see friends, family, travel, home renovate, start a new job, and be a husband). I'm going to try to intersperse reviews of the books I read with a bit more of the qualia of reading.

Anyhow, how's it going? I'd say pretty well. I reached 50 on the last day of June - perfectly on schedule, and then took the month off of intensive reading. I installed some bamboo floors and focused on some other things for the month of July. As it stands right now, I'll essentially have to keep to a ten books per month pace, which is what I managed for the first few months. I still have leviathans like Team of Rivals and Infinite Jest on my list, and I'm trying to finish The Fatal Shore soon, but I'm finding that it's not the length of the book that dictates how long it takes to finish. Salt and The Climate War were loooooong reads, but I inhaled Snow Crash, Game of Thrones, and True Compass.

How am I liking this increased pace? I love the fact that I get to crack open a new book 100 times this year. There really is nothing quite like starting a book. You generally have little idea what you're in for - it could be something that will change the way you see the world, or something you'll complain about and be sad you spent your time on. I've tried to select books I'll probably enjoy, so over the last 7 1/2 months I've been pretty happy with what I've found inside. I don't like how some books drag, and cracking them open to the bookmark can sometimes be a chore. I don't like how there are plenty of other fun, social things I could and possibly should be doing with my time other than reading. But generally, I'm very happy with how things have been going. I'm learning a lot, my mind gets blown a lot more often than blogs usually manage, I'd like to think I'm a slightly more interesting conversationalist, and I'm able to ask better questions when people bring up things I don't know much about.

I think I'll make it - with a trip involving a 14 hour plan flight coming up soon, as well as some downtime at the end of the year, I should be able to reach 100 without too much trouble.

How is your reading going this year? I'd love to hear from... both of you.

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  1. My reading is better, thanks for asking. Though having a baby makes it hard to carve out time, the Kindle and a revived desire for good reading has upped my pace a little bit from recent years. I never have enough time, though. Never. I am constantly thwarted.