Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The Prophet

I liked The Prophet much more than I was expecting to like it. It's a classic and I'm not sure I could analyze it any further than it already has been. Essentially it's a collection of pretty good advice, of how to live your life. There were only a few areas where I rolled my eyes or shook my head in liberal, secular disapproval. He goes from birth to death, work to leisure, love to loneliness. You've heard a chunk of his marriage advice plenty of times at weddings. It's well written, once you're past the odd device he uses to get the wise man to impart his wisdom. Flowy language that almost makes you want to read the bible.

It's something you might want to have on your shelf throughout your life, kind of like a sequel to a holy book, without the holy part. I'm sure that if this were written today, the advice wouldn't have to change a whole lot - it's that timeless.

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