Tuesday, August 17, 2010



I saw Stardust the film last year, and liked it, though I thought Robert De Niro's cameo was pretty ridiculous, and Michelle Pfeiffer (when she's not Catwoman) is... Michelle Pfeiffer. Otherwise I quite enjoyed the movie, and I will echo that I quite enjoyed the book. Reviews of the book on Goodreads etc have warned against it because it's weird and not a children's book - to that I say... it's Neil Gaiman. Google him. Get over it.

As I said, I quite enjoyed the book, even though I knew the plot from the movie. It's Gaiman's take on a fantasy novel, and he throws enough curves that it rises a bit above boy-saves-girl-and-becomes-king story. Even when it's predictable, his prose and hilarious metaphors and similes and devices bring you through. The dead princes were great, and if you haven't seen the movie and don't know the story, the double-take in the first chapter is refreshing.

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