Thursday, August 26, 2010


Anansi Boys

After American Gods, I wasn't sure what Anansi Boys would bring. It delves into family, maturation, and tradition the way American Gods explored small-town America, belief, progress, and tradition. You see a lot more of the god world that's only glimpsed in American Gods. It's interesting, and Fat Charlie is a great main character. He's boring and just wants all the craziness to go away. But Gaiman excels at adding an "or does he?" to a situation like that.

Because it's by Neil Gaiman, it's funny and clever, even when small parts of it drag. But I thought Graham Coates was an interesting, annoying villain, who manages to get a lot more accomplished than you first think he's capable of - which is a switch. Spider is a fun, juvenile-but-smooth deity, and of course, Mr. Anancy is all laughs and tricks.

I did finish and think to myself "that's it?" - I was a little disappointed that there was only so much going on. I thought there could be a broader scope, but I suppose he had his story he wanted to tell and he told it. Pretty fun.

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