Saturday, April 3, 2010


Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Jonathan Livingston Seagull is a 70s New Age classic. I'd also been told it's a Christian allegory, and I definitely saw why people think that, too. Basically Jonathan loves flying, instead of eating and fighting for food like the other seagulls. He discovers amazing new ways of flying fast, acrobatic flying, etc etc. The other seagulls don't like this and exile him. He then kind of goes to heaven, but then returns, and teaches other like-minded gulls. It's inspiring and the message that you should do what you love, and strive for art and beauty and compassion is all right there. If I'd read it when I was younger, I would have taken it as encouragement to keep reading. But I also would have continued to not eat a lot. Because Jonathan only eats once in the whole book, and I got worried he would waste away. Silly I know, but when the other birds tell him he's wasting his time and should eat more, I was also asking him when the last time he ate was. The clueless "flock" shouldn't be able to make such a good point. Regardless, I thought it was at least interesting enough to know what it was about, but I was very glad it was so short.


  1. You're too kind. This was hyper-allegorical blah-dee-blah.

  2. I was trying to be polite - my parents and their generation loved this book!