Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Review: Haunted


I marked this on my "thriller" shelf on but it's really just an everyday horror story. Or a horror story about the everyday.

I raced through it because of my love for Chuck's writing, the way he keeps you fascinated with amazing nonfiction detail acting as horrible little oases in a dark desert of terror, guilt, shame, and gore. The way that each page has a point and a larger purpose in a philosophical take on modern society and existence in general. The way that his imagery is truly, deeply, nauseatingly visceral - how he finds the best way, with as few words possible, to describe the mind-numbingly horrifying thing that just happens to be occurring right in front of you.

He's said that he doesn't like any of his characters. It's true, they are on the whole really bad people with very few redeeming qualities. That on the whole do really bad things. Not just bad, but stupid, narrow-minded, small, shameful, awful, pretending-to-be-normal-but-not, deceitful, and bizarre. But there's a bit of that badness in the rest of us, along with the sparkles of not-badness, that makes Chuck's take on it all cut to the quick of what makes our species what it is, and what it hopes to be.

But it is really, really, really bloody. As an FYI.

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