Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Several folks have asked to see the list of books I'm tentatively planning to read. So here it is! You can see from my initial post about organization that I've got my columns with the little x's, and I've added another to keep track of what I've read and am currently reading. Again, this isn't a final list - for instance I might switch my Umberto Eco book from Foucault's Pendulum to The Name of the Rose. Who knows.

If you see anything wrong in here, speak up in the comments - I haven't dutifully inquired about the mortality of 100% of the people on there. I also had China Mieville listed as a nonwhite male for a while, strictly based on a prejudicial glance at his name - silly me.

I also have a few notes about where I know I can get books I don't own. I'm going to stay vague here for now, I'll talk more about my thinking on where to acquire books in a future post.

I feel kind of exposed right now, so be gentle with me.


  1. Just realized that "Several folks" sounds bizarre. My apologies.

  2. I can't believe you haven't read The Giver! This is very exciting. Great, great book.

  3. I like that you're reading Foundation. Do you think you're at risk of reading the first book of the series (or another series) and going off on a tangent and reading more?

  4. Well, I read Ringworld and felt okay not needing to jump to the next one. If I read Foundation and really want to continue the series, I guess it'll mean I'll read them fast!

  5. You can borrow Kavalier & Clay from me. It's my favorite book!