Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I haven't posted much the last few days because of a new cold, busyness, and a medical tradition my family started a few years ago where every Thanksgiving something goes wrong and involves a trip to the hospital. Here's an excerpt from an email I sent to our extended family this morning:

"So this year, we thought we'd gotten away scott free with our annual holiday tradition of visiting the hospital - in '06 is was mom's appendix, in '07 it was dad's fall [where he broke two femurs and a hip], in '08 dad bonked his head and shoulder, but thanksgiving came and went this year without mishap. We thought my mom's hip would be the next medical mountain to tackle, but noooo.... dad had his eyes set on glory this year.

So long story short, dad's happily checking out of the hospital right now and HE IS OKAY AND HAPPY AND HEALTHY. (Those all-caps letters were just in case you opened this email and wanted skip down to make sure things were alright.) He had some trouble with the ol' plumbing and he and I checked into the Hospital yesterday afternoon. He had the brilliant idea of not wanting to worry Mom or Nana so we had to pretend we were sneaking out to do some last-minute christmas shopping.

After five visits with the excellent PA who managed his care, four different nurses who tried to draw blood, three decision reversals of whether he wanted to be admitted overnight, two fainting spells, and one failed attempt to catheterize him, we decided it'd be best to check in for a long winter's nap overnight so surgery could happen as early as possible this morning. Extra points for those of you who caught the "Twas The Night Before Christmas" AND the "12 Days Of Christmas" references in the last sentence.

Anyhow, he was very well taken care of overnight, they operated this morning and removed two rather large kidney stones and fixed that annoying stricture he's had for years. He is happy and feels great and I'm sure after some rest would love to hear from all of you. Make sure to poke fun at him a little bit, especially given the part of the body the poor guy had operated on this morning.

We love you all very much, are very grateful for living close by each other, and for having happy and healthy family this year. (Knock on wood, cross your fingers, and wrap your parents in styrofoam.)

Happy Christmukkah,


Do you and your family have any nontraditional traditions for the holiday seasons?

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